A concert dedicated to the first violin in the world, the lucchese Adolfo Betti. October 22, 2021

LA NAZIONE (Italy) October 22, 2021

A concert dedicated to the first violin in the world, the lucchese Adolfo Betti

An afternoon with the scores that made him famous oversea, at the beginning of last century: the lucchese violinist Adolfo Betti (Bagni di Lucca, 1875 – Lucca, 1950). The event Dear Mr. Betti: from Lucca to the world, scheduled for tomorrow at 5.30 p.m. in the Sala del Capitolo at Real Collegio, is the performing and informative ending of an ambitious research project promoted by Animando with the sustain of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca.

The aim is to give back to public performance the musical repertoire of Flonzaley Quartet. Betti was the first violin until 1929, when the quartet born in Wien in 1903, then come to New York and in a small amount of time recognized as the best chamber music group of the United States, finally split up. The other members were Alfred Pochon as second violin, the Venetian Ugo Ara – that from 1917 was replaced by Louis Bailly – playing the viola and Iwan D’Archambeau, cellist. Thiswide repertoire composed for the quartet and hosted in the Harry Ramson Center of the University of Texas, Austin, has been brought back to life by the young researcher Valentina Ciardelli and Stefano Teani.

A concert-event with the performance, as premiere, of unpublished pieces composed by authors close to Adolfo Betti, such as Roger Britt, Charles Griffes and Alfred Pochon, and famous repertoire pieces of the Flonzaley Quartet, from Luigi Boccherini to Ernst Bloch. The pieces will be introduced by professor Marco Mangani, president of Centro studi Luigi Boccherini and there will be some speeches of the musicologist Marco Gallenga from the Università di Firenze, that will lead the listening and will explain the historical context.

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