Nel Bosco della Notte

Nel Bosco della notte (trascinato)Nel Bosco della notte (trascinato)allegory for Orchestra

The piece deals with an important contemporary theme: the immigration and the refugee. the ballet is split in the following scenes:

– “The wood”, symbol of the hostile society towards the different people that come to find help

– “The escape”, escape of the refugee from war and unhappy life

– “Stolen kisses”, little daily gestures of solidarity that common people make towards refugees

– “He comes…”, is the shadow of war or of an unfair law that makes the refugee’s situation even more difficult

– “Starry sky”, symbol of brotherhood, it represents the common base of all man. The starry sky that, as written on Kant’s grave, is “above me” and above all man in the same way

– “Finale”, same theme as “He comes…” and is the tragic ending of the unlucky refugee when he doesn’t find the help he needs