Yugen Ensemble and Duo Dubois for Cluster. October 26, 2018

LA NAZIONE (Italy) October 26, 2018

Yugen Ensemble and Duo Dubois for Cluster

The Cluster association of contemporary music goes on with its fall programs, the Cluster Music Festival, and organizes in the weekend, together with the FAI delegation of Lucca and Massa Carrara, two events in the Chiesa di S. Caterina. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. il will perform the Yugen Ensemble, a modular group made by musicians and artists of several art forms who have a high level career. This group was born to perform contemporary music, especially the one from its founder and artistic director Stefano Teani. This time the group will be made by Valentina Cinquini (Harp), Emanuele Lucchesi (Trombone), Agnese Manfredini (Flute), they will perform new musics written by young composers of the association.

They are Andrea Benedetti, Valentina Ciardelli and Stefano Teani himself (pictured). On Sunday at 5 p.m. the Duo Dubois, with Alberto Cavallaro (Sax) and Federico Tramontana (percussion) will be performing. The group takes his name from the French composer pierre-Max Dubois that in the 80s was the first one to conceive and write the opera for sax and percussions. The other pieces of the program will be by Manuela Guerra, Girolamo Deraco, Guido Masini, Leonardo Di Stefano, Maura Capuzzo, Antonio Ferdinando Di Stefano. The concert will finish with the performance of the piece written by the composer from Paraguay Diego Sanchez Haase, that received the Cluster Prize 2018. Free entry thanks to Fondazione Bml.

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